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Clothings Laundry Dry Clean
Shirt $4.50 $5.50
Blouse $4.50 $5.50
Jacket (Ladies / Men) $6.00 / $7.00 $7.00 / $8.00
Sweater/Cardigan $4.50 $5.50
T-Shirt $4.00 $5.00
Jeans/Trousers/Pants $5.00 $6.00
Skirt $5.00 $6.00
Dress:short/long(min) $6.00 / $7.50 $7.50 / $9.50
Evening Gown - $16.00-$30.00
Baju Kurung - $12.00
Punjabi suit $11.00 $13.00
Kebaya - $12.00
Saree - $13.00
Winter Coat(min) $12.00 $15.00-$18.00
Trench Coat/Overcoat - $12.00

Load Wash
(Wash & fold only. No sorting and ironing)

Minimum $11.00 per load.

Household Items Laundry Dryclean
Comforter/Quilt(S/Q/K) $8.00/$10.00/$12.00 $10.00/$12.00/$14.00
Quilt Cover(S/Q/K) $5.50/$6.50/$7.50 $7.50/$8.50/$9.50
Bedsheet $4.00/$5.00/$6.00 $6.00/$7.00/$8.00
Bedspread/Bed cover $8.00 $10.00
Pillowcase/Bolster case $1.00 $2.00
Towel Blanket $5.00-$7.00 $8.00
Night Curtains

Day Curtains

(without dismantling & installation)
$6.50 per kg

$6.50 per panel
$7.50 per kg

$7.50 per panel
Night Curtains

Day Curtains

(with dismantling & installation)
$9.00 per kg

$9.00 per panel
$10.00 per kg

$10.00 per panel
Cushion Cover(S/M/L) $3.00/$4.00/$5.00 $4.00/$6.00/$8.00
Sofa Cover(S/M/L) $14.00/$18.00/$22.00 $16.00/$20.00/$24.00
Carpet/Rug $2.50 per sq.ft -
Stuff Toys - $8.00-$50.00
Call 6255 4222 for your laundry needs!

FREE collection & delivery with S$35 order per load.
*Prices quoted are subjected to change depending on material and size.

Conditions of Service :

  1. All articles must be claimed within one month from date of receipt.

  2. Customers are encouraged to check items immediately upon delivery. Otherwise a $5 transport surcharge will be imposed for request to pick up/return unsatisfactory or missing items within the next 48 hours after the delivery is made. Claims made after 48 hours will not be valid.

  3. No liability can be accepted for defects or damage becoming apparent after treatment which are due to defective manufacture or deterioration caused by wear and tear.

  4. Liability for lost or damaged article for which we may accept liability, without prejudice, is limited to the fair value of the article at the time it was received. Fair value takes into consideration the depreciation in value of the article due to age, fashion, usage, and is capped up to10 times the laundry charge or S$100, whichever is lower. All claims are to be made within two days upon delivery of the articles.

  5. The article, whether partially or completely damaged, will be retained by Just Relax Home Service upon settlement of claim.

  6. Stains will be removed at the customer's risk and complete removal may not be always possible.

  7. All ornaments and buttons like plastic, glass, metal types, etc, must be removed by customers before cleaning. We will not bear responsibility for lost of any item or parts of garment.

  8. Customers are reminded that it is an offence under the Quarantine and Prevention of Disease Ordinance to send bedding, clothing or other articles which have been in contact with infectious diseases to a public wash house.
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