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Mattress Cleaning

Just Relax cares for your Health. Most people spend an average of 8 hours per day on our bed. However, most people do not clean or sun their mattress for years. By regular cleaning of your mattress, it can help to reduce the accumulation of dust mites & allergens, giving you a healthier good night sleep. Just Relax helps to improve the cleanliness of your bedding and fabrics furniture in your home using Water Filtration technique and UVC Sterilization. The dust retention rate is up to 99.99%. Thus, it provides protection against mites, pollen, spores and fungi. UVC light kills bacteria and eliminate dust mites which are catalyst for allergies and asthma and may cause other illnesses.

About Dust Mites
Dust mites can be found in our homes on beds, pillows, sofas, chairs, cushion, carpet and rugs. Dust mites survive by eating dead skin cells which shed by people during their sleep. In addition, the warm and moisture from our bodies also helps to cultivate bacteria which also live on dead skin cells. As a result, these make our bed a breeding ground for Allegies.

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Single-size Mattress + One Pillow

Queen-size Mattress + Two Pillows

King-size Mattress + Two Pillows

Fabric Sofa

*Contract service available. Contact us for more details.

S$ 38.00

S$ 48.00

S$ 58.00

S$48.00 per seater


Job Specifications:

Step 1: Water-Filtration System
Just Relax Mattress Cleaning System is able to capture, traps and remove house dust and bacteria, eliminating allergens and contamination in the house. We use the natural cleaning agent, Water, which allows us to bind the dirt and dust in water compare to the conventional vacuum cleaner which use the dust bags. The dirt and dust are trapped in the water and discard away with water, and totally remove from you house. With this cleaning system, you and your family will definitely gain advantage to a Clean Home.

Step 2: UVC Sterilization
UVC Sterilizing Lamp kills 99.9% bacteria and help to eliminate dust mites and germs.
Step 3: Application of Dust Mite Control Spray
This process reduces the growth of dust mites.

With Just Relax, you and your family will definitely gain advantages to a Clean and Healthy Home.


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